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Kindergarten / Preschool

Pre-Primary Team

Name Qualification
Unnati Rao B.Com, B.Ed
Neeta Priyani M.Com, Dip in Computer Software, Dip in Fashion Designing
Mini Manish B. Com., P.G.D.P.E.

Welcome to the Amrut Indian Pre-school. We understand children need time to be children; they need time, space and freedom in which to learn and grow. That's why we want the three to five year olds in our care to be confident, successful and have a sense of self and of their importance.

Young learners grow rapidly rate and therefore we nurture them closely and carefully in their formative years. They need the time, space and freedom in which to learn and grow, with the structure and correct surroundings in which to do so. This is where the building blocks are firmly established for not only learning, to build confidence, self-respect and the ability to stake their place as future responsible global citizens.

We recognise and nurture each child’s interests and abilities and respond to their specific needs to tailor their learning journey, focusing on developing the ‘whole person’. We encourage natural inquiry and celebrate the wonders of curiosity.

Natural Learning – guided discovery approach

Children learn naturally and achieve increasing independence by mastering new abilities and skills. This is exactly how they learn through the guided discovery approach at Khyati World School, supported by the latest research-based pedagogy and highly skilled, expert staff with extensive experience working with young children. This is a right preparation to progress towards the primary programme.

Unique learning method of Inquiry centre and physical education

At Pre-school we have chosen to invest in the best Early years facilities, activities and compassionate mentors child’s opportunities for success and achievement in their future life.

Our purpose to built Library and Inquiry Centre comprises an age-specific range of books which provides a perfect forum for the children to spend time with their classroom teacher, teacher assistants and library coordinator. Here, children can choose areas of the curriculum to explore in more details according to their interests and abilities

We engage in authentic ICT at this early age, providing computers in each classroom for the application of early skills for relevant class-based tasks.

In supporting physical wellbeing in equal measure, we channelise childrens's seemingly boundless energy into engaging and exciting Physical Education activities. Part of every morning is spent in our dedicated Preschool playground engaging in activities such as sand play, bike riding, climbing, balancing and ball games, dou house of the students.

The importance of Play

Purposeful play is an essential way to learn and develop life skills. It provides the opportunity for children to observe their environment first hand, develop and extend their language and creative skills, interact with others, make decisions and solve problems. It also assists in the development of bodily and spatial awareness, self-worth and expression of feelings.

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