Online staff statement of best CBSE international school ahmedabad

Name Of The Teacher POST Highest qualification(Academic)
Mr. Jean Paul Diaz Principal M.A, B.Ed, Executive MBA in Education
Ms. Seema Mishra TGT - S.St M.A.,B.Ed
Ms. Mamta Vyas TGT - Hindi B.A B.Ed
Ms. Vijayalakshmi Sharma TGT - English M.A.,B.Ed
Mr. Ravi Jain TGT - Science B.Tech.,B.Ed (Pursuing)
Mr. Maharshi Dixit PRT M.Sc.,B.Ed
Ms. Pranita Babu PRT - English B.A.,B.Ed
Ms. Bhavini Trivedi PRT - English B.Com, E.C.Ed.
Ms. Bandana Bansal PRT - Science B.A.,B.Ed
Ms. Sharda Jangid TGT - Hindi M.A.,B.Ed
Ms. Ruma Samanta PRT M.A.,B.Ed
Ms. Zarna Desai PRT B.Sc.,B.Ed.,NTT
Ms. Richa Nagpal PRT M.B.A.,B.Com.,NTT
Ms. Sushma Brijwasi PRT M.A., B.Ed
Ms. Stuti Mohanty PRT B.A.,Montessori
Ms. Bela Pandia PRT M.A.,B.Ed
Mr. Pravin Jadav PRT B.Com,B.P.Ed
Ms. Foram Patel PRT B.A. in Bharatnatyam
Ms. Nupur Gupta PRT .M.B.A.,ADFD
Ms. Apeksha Bhagwagar PRT - ICT B.C.A.
Mr. Shambhu Mishra PRT - Math B.Sc.,M.B.A
Mr. Deepak Chandra Bhatt TGT - Phy Edu B.A., M.P.Ed
Mr. Vishal Mehta PRT - Music M.P.A.
Ms. Supriya Nambiar PRT B.A. B.Ed (Pursuing)


We love to relish the quote shared by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, our former President, and an aerospace scientist, ‘There are a number of women who have brought about immense change in society.’ As endorsing his view, Khyati, one of the best international schools in Ahmedabad is predominant with delightful women who have been given the liability of molding your children with high moral values and explore in the academic part. No less than a mother a teacher nurtures value in a child. Our staffs work with dedication and hard work to mould the children to excel them in Scholastic, Non-Scholastic activities and to make them up-standing and noble leaders of future India.

Our staffs are multifaceted as they are outstanding in their academic part, they act as a manager, caring person, they are expert learners, passionate about their profession and cultured human beings. The staffs in Khyati, one of the best English Medium Schools in Ahmedabad, adopt a unique teaching path and pedagogy of teaching styles. As a digitalized School, the staffs are also technology driven. They use the whole gamut of psychology to identify the unique skill of a child, inspire them, and encourage the children who lack courage. The staffs in Khyati are enthusiastic, interact with the learners and of course, they adopt a high professional etiquette

Rejoicing again the great scientist’s words, ‘Some of the greatest minds in the country can be found on the last benches of the classroom’, teachers of Khyati surveil the entire classroom never missing a single student.

Admin of best CBSE school ahmedabad

Admin Team Designation Qualifications
Ms. Anita Nair Admissions Counselor B.Sc.,LL.B.,P.G.DCA
Mr. Anilkumar K Makwana Sr.Account Executive B.Com.,D.P.C.S.
Mr. Prem R Kalburgi Admin Assistant B.B.A.
Ms. Kreena H Panchal Admissions Counselor HR/Admin